Sunday, October 13, 2013


Fresh air has no moisture left to lose,
Yet green grass still turns golden brown.
Long lost hope sticks its tongue out for a moment or two
Only to realize that you are mute.

Crimson hue shall always try to keep craving for joy, love and victory.
Though birds of prey seem to be starving, yet
The morgue is an exhibit of live rodents rather than extinguished humans.
Give me comics, cartoons and pebbles to throw at you –

Hurting your heart through a slingshot to hell.

My crimson heart renounced the hue
As it seeks the shelter of the dark.
Relay me the sound of your tears;
Allow me to gag away to the unknown.

Darkness – was what was before my eyes,
When I was dazzled by your smile.
Was it your eyes that fooled me?
Or, was I merely dreaming?

Whatever it was, it made me feel like dead
As the aura felt like heaven.

I’m looking out the window –
Swarms of faces glide by across as I glance.
Your face might have been any of those that floated by –
There is nothing special at all when I compare ’em all.

Oh, no! Now I see!
I think you are the fifth from this coming next.
Indeed there is nothing special;
Absolutely nothing special at all –

Only, you are Crimson.

You Dance Like a Dream

I have a thousand complaints against you,
So many things I don’t like you to do.
I have a thousand objections against you,
Sometimes it blows up my sanity too.

But when you dance like a dream, I get lost in the lights
As your face starts to gleam.
And when I get back to being me, I forget everything
And our eyes don’t make a team.

All that I have in life and also my emotional strife
Is thanks to you
And when it all comes to haunt, I turn so weak to confront.
And I question I am who?

Yet I have thousand complaints against you,
So many things I don’t like you doing
I have a thousand objections against you,
Sometimes it blows up my sanity too.

And then all I can do is say sorry to you
And plead and plead for a little redemption.
But all you return is “you don’t have to”
And thunder strikes me like unholy retribution.

Still I have a thousand complaints against you,
So many things I don’t like you to do.
I have a thousand objections against you,
Sometimes it blows up my sanity too.

And in my daydream, you light a sunbeam,
We get lost in each other as we dance like a team.
And with the reality check – my eyes start to stream,
My soul starts to squeal, shriek and scream.

My be I let it slip that I am weak after all,
But all I expected from you was one last call.
And when the dance resumes, I get glued to you again-
The cloud starts to gather and I get dripped in the rain.

But you didn’t notice that day how I did not complain
What was lacrimally yours, you could not feel in the rain
Now I won’t object to even one more thing you do,
But if you return to me someday, you would know I cared too.

All About You

You are the picture of the incineration of my dreams.
You are the bliss of curse to that ever fortuitous grace.
You are the eternal memory of the ever so deceitful oblivion.
You are the dark side of the delight in my nightmarish existence.

You are the truth that takes innumerable treacherous turns.
You are the crackling sound of laughter I find in the gurgling of rivers.
You are sophistication personified, wrapped in brown paper cover.
You are the most heinous discovery of mankind nonetheless.

 You are that disease which is a tad more malignant than cancer.
You are the methodological locus of all progressive destruction.
You are the sensation that catches up and spreads like a plague.
You are the reason for every last drop of tear I shed in my humble solitude.

But, you will always be the only fire that burns in my heart –
Yet you shall always be my only ray of hope as well.
You are most likely to be the only person for whom I will ever cry.
Then again, you are also the reason behind every smile of mine.

You are that deadly weapon that cuts like a knife and can shred me in two halves.
Yet, has there ever been a sweeter way to die?
You make me wonder – as if you were a riddle.
Yet I’d never want to solve you once and for all.

Closed Eyes

When I close my eyes –
No I can’t see you.
When I am lonely –
No, I don’t think about you.
When you are with me –
All I talk about is others.
And even when I need someone very special to talk to –
I do not ever slip in a call to your number.

But then, I don’t ever need to; do I?
I just take a little peep down the backyard lanes of my heart –
Isn’t that what your address happened to be?

The Penultimate Plunge

I was stranded at the banks.
I saw you drowning.
You were crying and calling for help, but
I stood there – motionless, emotionless, and breathless.

I think there were other people there too
’Cause you did manage to survive.
I know you can’t swim –
But your glance was anything but wretched at the time.

They put you on a stretcher and rode you past my shadowy self.

I believe, you had to stay under critical care for weeks;
I don’t know for sure though.
I had not for once checked on you myself.
It was only the news that seemed to spread in the air.

Gradually, you started getting better – bit by bit. And
In no time, you were back at the lake.
Perhaps, the previous one had been the penultimate plunge!!
Once again, I was there and was stranded –

Motionless, emotionless, and breathless.

Pocket Full of Guitars

I have pocket full of guitars-
Yet my heart seems so empty
I sing a tune full of happiness and cheers-
Yet my heart seems so empty.

When you walk past the sun that is setting through the ocean;
Sight of the twilight brings in you what emotion?
Do you think him for once or is it just random notion
That your voice starts to crumble and you tremble in motion?

If the sky was not blue and the soil was not red,
And if men stayed awake and the owls went to bed -
Would you still be yourself at your orthodox best -
Would you still take things for granted, just like the rest?

And if birds could not fly and if fish could not swim?
What if you could achieve all of all that you whim?
And if sacrifice was not virtue and greed was not skin?
And if things were not messed up would you still not doubt him?

I have a head that is full of such questions
Yet my mind seems so empty
I have a pocket full o guitars
Yet my heart seems so empty.


I can see light;
Not very bright, though,
I can feel my sight fading away.

All that I had,
All that I made,
I'm taking none along this holiday.

All my seventy solitary years,
All my dilemmas, phobias and fears -
Come to me, bid me farewell;
But just for this day don't show me your tears.

Wish me a happy, happy holiday,
Wish me a happy, happy holiday.

If time was plenty,
Or I was twenty, then
I'd have been seeking all those things you do.

I could dream so,
And never let go, much
The chosen path that nowhere leads to.

But all my seventy successful years,
All my big dreams, big wins only nears -
Come to me, bid me farewell;
I know you're lonely still don't break into tears.

Wish me a happy, happy holiday.
Wish me a happy, happy holiday.

And when I look back,
I find just nobody.
So lonesome, so lonesome
My ashes' jeopardy.
I only stay back to sing this parody.
And hear me me when I tell you;
You just listen to me -
I have no other motive.
I just want you to wish me -

Wish me a happy, happy holiday.
Wish me a happy, happy holiday.
Wish me a cherishable holiday,
And don't call it another doomsday.