Sunday, October 13, 2013

All About You

You are the picture of the incineration of my dreams.
You are the bliss of curse to that ever fortuitous grace.
You are the eternal memory of the ever so deceitful oblivion.
You are the dark side of the delight in my nightmarish existence.

You are the truth that takes innumerable treacherous turns.
You are the crackling sound of laughter I find in the gurgling of rivers.
You are sophistication personified, wrapped in brown paper cover.
You are the most heinous discovery of mankind nonetheless.

 You are that disease which is a tad more malignant than cancer.
You are the methodological locus of all progressive destruction.
You are the sensation that catches up and spreads like a plague.
You are the reason for every last drop of tear I shed in my humble solitude.

But, you will always be the only fire that burns in my heart –
Yet you shall always be my only ray of hope as well.
You are most likely to be the only person for whom I will ever cry.
Then again, you are also the reason behind every smile of mine.

You are that deadly weapon that cuts like a knife and can shred me in two halves.
Yet, has there ever been a sweeter way to die?
You make me wonder – as if you were a riddle.
Yet I’d never want to solve you once and for all.

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