Sunday, October 13, 2013

Via Antarctia

It was all adventure in Antarctica,
The first time I left my country.
I was only about twenty-four
And next room, a girl at twenty.

The ship had to sail for days
Before we could reach Antarctica.
Friendship began in a day or two,
Courtship followed to Antarctica.

The day we reached Antarctica,
We were no more next door neighbours –
But today the sun shone and the ice did melt,
We were room-mates and soul mates forever.

Today we were so happy unnoticing
That it already was tonight.
On high-necks and jeans, we now put on jackets,
Though unable to put up any fight.

 A good-sized bed and a warm cozy blanket,
Sharing in ourselves we said goodnight,
To rest of the world but not to each other;
For them, it was time post-plight.

And when temptation reached its zenith,
We started sweating in Antarctica.
Though none of us was absolutely sure,
It went on as if due to inertia.

A few intense moments,
And a deed was done.
But alas; to her parents,
I was just no one.

She was married in Australia,
In a hundred and eighty days.
A hundred days thence, she was divorced in Malaysia,
Property, a child, for whom she prays.

Her home though was truly huge,
Same the size of earth.
And to travel from place to place,
She had a vehicle as strong as her feet.

Her parents, bankrupt,
Were, too, on her shoulders.
Her breath taking beauty –
Today smoky appears.

And I met her once again in life,
She knocked at my car, begging money to feed my son.
Pushing the left door, out went my companion -
Rebuking her as if she was a felon.

I kept on watching
But I did not protest.
I watched till the local people intervened;
They hand cupped her,
And while taking her life,
“We will take care of this wench”
They consoled my wife.


  1. intense! this collection of yours is amazing me.... finding it tough to get acquainted to this forte of yours. nice, really nice!

  2. This was written during my ICSE exams, Bengali, I think. :D Thanks.

  3. @debarshi - ohh where did you find this? You wrote this when in school!!

    @apala - debarshi started composing poetry with social msgs from the age of 10!! ... and that continued for quite long.. before he became the GoA..

  4. @bhai - ohh where did you find this? you wrote this when in school...

    @apala - debarshi used compose poetry with social messages from the age of 10!!.. and that continued for quite long... before he became the GoA..

    1. turns out i had a word doc copy, somehow :)