Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pocket Full of Guitars

I have pocket full of guitars-
Yet my heart seems so empty
I sing a tune full of happiness and cheers-
Yet my heart seems so empty.

When you walk past the sun that is setting through the ocean;
Sight of the twilight brings in you what emotion?
Do you think him for once or is it just random notion
That your voice starts to crumble and you tremble in motion?

If the sky was not blue and the soil was not red,
And if men stayed awake and the owls went to bed -
Would you still be yourself at your orthodox best -
Would you still take things for granted, just like the rest?

And if birds could not fly and if fish could not swim?
What if you could achieve all of all that you whim?
And if sacrifice was not virtue and greed was not skin?
And if things were not messed up would you still not doubt him?

I have a head that is full of such questions
Yet my mind seems so empty
I have a pocket full o guitars
Yet my heart seems so empty.

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