Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Penultimate Plunge

I was stranded at the banks.
I saw you drowning.
You were crying and calling for help, but
I stood there – motionless, emotionless, and breathless.

I think there were other people there too
’Cause you did manage to survive.
I know you can’t swim –
But your glance was anything but wretched at the time.

They put you on a stretcher and rode you past my shadowy self.

I believe, you had to stay under critical care for weeks;
I don’t know for sure though.
I had not for once checked on you myself.
It was only the news that seemed to spread in the air.

Gradually, you started getting better – bit by bit. And
In no time, you were back at the lake.
Perhaps, the previous one had been the penultimate plunge!!
Once again, I was there and was stranded –

Motionless, emotionless, and breathless.

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