Sunday, October 13, 2013

You and Me

The sky is blue, but
Daytime does not fancy carrying on.
There is a tinge of red about the clouds
That reaches the sight of both you and me.

But the red shall not last forever.
Gloom is inevitable, gloom shall come.
Eventually, the sky shall turn grey and dull.
Dull it may be,
But there is a cool breeze blowing –
You and me – soothing.

There is a photo frame on my table,
A photo, reminiscent of both you and me.
But time ticks on and clock keeps running, yet
I believe that one day the battery should run out.

The warehouse has nothing but
Spider webs left in it.
My garden has lost its green, but
Scattered yellow leaves make for a very beautiful sight.

But, my vision has lost its sheen.
There are some boxes
In my room.
Some make room for both you and me;
Some of them remind me of you –
The rest makes real sense to me.

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