Sunday, October 13, 2013

Emotional Turmoils

You were in distress;
You told me that-
You told me why that was
Your cheeks were glistening down some streamlines
You were not able to look up
So perhaps you did not notice that half a tear drop
That had accumulated at the corner of my eyes.

You were happy, perhaps overjoyed
I was a little grieved deep down
You wanted me to laugh for you like crazy,
You wanted me to celebrate with you like insane.
I took you out in the rain;
Made sure that the rain moistened me
And concealed the moisture round my lashes.

You said things that hurt me to the core;
You just said sorry and there was not a trace of apathy anymore
I do things that hurt you so, so much;
And you just tell me that and expect me to burst into tears
I just stay put
With clenched fists behind my back and an expressionless face,
I think solace is just one more smile away.

You found company
You left to attend the people while I waited
You were buoyant and ecstatic,
While with a million emotion turmoil I waited.
You were done and you smiled back to me
I just waited, I smiled too though.
You were buoyant with me too and my buoyancy dissolved my turmoil.

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