Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nomadic Trance

On the way leaving, over the shoulders
You did manage to remember a glance –
To find me in my patented nomadic trance.
Begging and pleading from far, far away;
Seeking from you, just one more chance –
While I was still in my nomadic trance.

Behind the shadows or beneath the sun,
If you find me, you can do that to me again –
All my vindictive arrogance in vain.
And it’s not as if I wouldn’t try to resist;
Nor that I enjoy any bit of that excruciating pain –
Just some such thing which I can’t pertain.

Unlocking my treasury chest –
I find just pictures, cards and waste;
Collected pieces of trash, kept in haste,
And snaps of you framed in royal taste.

And the haunting doesn’t stop right there.
The chimes you had gifted keep chiming everywhere.
I wish – you come and seek your share.
Yeah, but I know you wouldn’t visit my lair!

In a way, I am thankful that you won’t;
That would save me some more relics from the past –
Just like every other of the unachieved plans.
And thankfully I hope that you won’t return again;
You know, if I was ever again to return to my clans
Then at least they won’t have to worry about my nomadic trance.