Sunday, October 13, 2013


Yesterday I saw a half-filled glass,
Half-drunk wine, half left behind.
A brand, that in the market, you won’t find,
Its smell, one through which fresh air couldn’t pass.

Yesterday I saw a dancing girl.
The clanging of her bangles touched me more
Than the dazzling of the lights and the crowds’ galore –
But the infatuated crowd did nothing but snarl.

Yesterday I saw a baby in a cot.
He was crying in hunger with none to pay heed.
There was no one around to serve his need.
Except time, his parents had all a lot.

Today I see a moonlit sky.
It has got scars yet I keep looking at it –
Still the epitome of beauty is a sky moonlit.
I don’t find answers when I question why.

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