Sunday, October 13, 2013

Star Dumb!

The stars said to me,
“Arise, young great,
Destiny is with you
And fate is your puppet”.

Destiny was with me
And fate was my pet.
I went on to fight
And I was the best bet.

I had slain each one
And all were on death bed,
When the morning star aroused
And the stars of night had shed.

Well past the next day
But in a peculiar way.
I on one hand was the victor,
On the other, the most abhorrent sinister.

The greats graded me top,
The tabloids showed me victor.
The hapless hated my strokes,
And considered me a traitor.

They pointed out to me
That we all had blood stained red.
Then why am I alive?
And why were they slain dead?

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